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Reese's World

Living just to breathe.

15 September
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Just trying to start this new Chapter in my life...

I'll be in the United States Navy August 2, 2005 hoping to find myself before I go...

Named: Shrese (yes i spelled it right)
Born: Flushing, Queens September 15, 1985 at 3:15 A.M.
Now: standing tall at Five feet Four Inches, ready for the Navy
Statuz: I'm kinda Dudeless with a few in Mind
Body Art: Soon to come on a body near you!
Body Piercing's: 2 (until after boot camp "wink wink... nudge nudge")
Background Check: Trinidadian & Vincention
Education Statuz: High School Grad(Feb 17, 2005)
If all else fails: I want to be a successful Writer, or Singer.
Hates: Haters, Hypocrites, Stuck up people, Fibbers...
Loves: Family, Love, Laughing, Learning, Being Unique, Thinking outside the box,Being around "REAL" ...

Questions anyone?....