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Duty you gotta love it!! [Jan. 2nd, 2006|06:39 am]
It is 6:40am. My New Years started off great why because I didn't get any sleep since it started. So right now i have little toothpicks holding my eye lids up...lol yea sounds great huh!!! I think i am doing that insomnia thing again., but this time i havd someones help. Yea Mr. Adams he sat up all night and we talked about everything gosh the dude can probably live my life. I had fun I brought in my new year with him. I kinda think he likes me because he kept saying things like imma have to end up taking you from ya little boyfriend and what not. But he knows he can. I love him too much. I got to talk to my cuzzin' yesterday, I just wished that I could have gotten dwyane n tha phone too then my new years would have been perrrrrrfect. I also tried to call my dad but as much of a disappointment it was him not picking up the phone it was kinda a relief.He a scary man. I will always have that little piece of fear of my father.

My New Years Resolution:

Just Try to do your best at everything you do. Try to always come out on top.
Be on time.
Stay in Faith.
Get Car
Get Apartment
Get Married and Have renee have my kids Love you cuz...lol!